Stories from the Wild -- Programs for Your Child

Pennsylvania Academic Standards...

... are course level standards offered as a voluntary resource for Pennsylvania's schools.  They can be downloaded from PA Department of Education SAS site.  These standards can be revised at any time.  The programs offered by Nature Tales and Trails are designed to meet specific standards as approved in 2009 as follows:

Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening:

  • 1.4.5. Types of Writing
    • C. Write persuasive pieces
      •  Include a clearly stated position or opinion.
      •  Include supporting details, citing sources when needed.

Civics and Government:

  • 5.2.6. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
    • D. Explain why participation in government and civic life is important.
  • 5.3.4. How Government Works
    • G. Identify individual interests and explain ways to influence others.

Environment and Ecology:

  • 4.1.3.D Identify organisms that are dependent on one another in a given ecosystem.
    • Define habitat and explain how a change in habitat affects an organism.
  • 4.1.4.A Explain how living things are dependent upon other living and nonliving things for survival.
    • Explain what happens to an organism when its food supply, access to water, shelter or space (niche / habitat) is changed.
  • 4.1.4.E  Explain that ecosystems change over time due to natural and/ or human influences.
  • 4.5.4.A Identify how people use natural resources in sustainable and non-sustainable ways.
  • 4.5.4.C Describe how human activities affect the environment.