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“What a fun, inspiring, important and true story! If one little dog can do so much for his community, imagine what we all can do working together for our own town, state, country and planet. Let's get to work!”     
            -- Sy Montgomery, author of the national bestseller The Good Good Pig and more than 15 other celebrated nature books for children and adults

“Charming, funny, and ultimately inspiring book (even a dog can fight city hall!)... Kids will identify with Johnny Angel, cheer his victory, and learn valuable lessons about conservation through the tale of this little hero.”
-- Marvin Terban, teacher and award-winning author of over 37 books for children

“Jessica and Johnny Angel show us that any one of us can help preserve Mother Nature if we care enough to act. The best thing about their story is that it’s true!”      
            -- Bill Konstant, Executive Director, Elmwood Park Zoo

“Heroes come in all shapes and sizes––but none more adorable than Johnny Angel, the little dog with a big voice. Children will be inspired to take a stand for their convictions…”      
            -- Connie Hillman, Head of Youth Services, Montgomery County Norristown Public Library

“Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park! is a wonderful story for any age child. My students loved it…” 
           -- Mary Jo Seifert, Elementary School Teacher, West Chester Area School District

“Here’s a special story… about Johnny Angel––a preservation angel, a green giant.” 
           -- Mike Weilbacher, Executive Director, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

"Everyone enjoys a trip to the park, whether you are a kid or an adult or a dog. The story of little Johnny Angel inspires all of us to do what we can to protect the parks and open spaces that are important to us and to our communities." 
          -- Drew Gilchrist, Director for the Center for Conservation Landowners - Natural Lands Trust

"This book is the true story of how Johnny Angel, a 5 lb pup, helped save our Farm Park from the clutches of golf course developers. The photography of our Park is amazing! Young kids will love it - and I did, too - and I am way past elementary school age! It is engaging, inspiring, and uplifting!"
          -- Diana Cassel, Secretary, Board of Directors, Farm Park Preservation Association

" My copies of Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park! arrived yesterday. I hadn't expected how thrilled I'd be! The book is so well executed! The choices for layout and fonts are super. It's fabulous that a groundhog, a fawn, a raccoon and others cooperated for the photos: perhaps they realized it was crucial for their habitat and their well being. And I'm glad that Johnny Angel could be such a talented model, reenacting the true events--especially grabbing the newspaper with the horrible headlines. I like how you honor your co-author throughout and have included his excellent credentials in the About the Authors section.  It's great that he reads to kids at the library! He must bring lots of pizzazz to the serious and vital ideas you cover in presentations, making the presentations exceptionally appealing and the ideas very convincing."  
            -- Caron Cohen, children's book author

"the book has arrived, and been read--and what fun! What a good job you did, all around. We are happy to have it as a part of our library when children--and oldsters--come to visit. And congratulations for saving the park. Johnny Angel and you are both an inspiration!"     -- Penny R.

"One question, in the interest of animal rights...How did you decide which author would get top billing? Did Johnny angel get an equal bark on whose name would go first?"     -- Pierre B.

"I just put the kids down for the night. Right after of course, I read to them Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park!. They loved it! Kudos to your photographer. He did a wonderful job."   -- Mary B.

"My granddaughters (age 6 and 4) love the book and still talk about "Johnny Angel"--the little dog who saved the park with a petition carried in his backpack!"    -- Pat P.

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