Stories from the Wild -- Programs for Your Child

About the Authors

   Dr. Jessica Dimuzio graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, specializing in wildlife preservation. She has conducted research on elephants, rhinos, and wild baboons and taught conservation programs in Africa, Asia, and North America. She has traveled to six continents to view wild animals in their natural habitats. In addition to writing about her adventures, Dr. D. leads discovery programs at area nature preserves and conducts non-fiction writing workshops for elementary and middle school children.  She loves to get kids excited about wildlife and their natural habitats through her writing, non-fiction storytelling, classroom talks, and nature walks.
Johnny Angel, a graduate of Obedience I and II, Agility I, and a Good Citizenship Certificate Holder, reads to kids at the library, raises money for charity, and shares how he saved his park from destruction.

The authors live in Norristown, Pennsylvania with Jessica’s husband and Johnny Angel’s girlfriend Beegee (a rescued Papillon). They hope you will join them in discovering the importance of animals in their natural habitats.